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Exalt the Cross…Exalt Love

imagine today

If I imagine life over death, I will

instead of grumbling over things, I will effect whatever change I can to resolve it.
instead of dismissing others, I will listen.
instead of reacting in fear, I will think of something different.
instead of holding my hurts within, i will search out friends and share.
Instead of focussing solely on what has gone wrong, I will also see what good has been done.
instead of worrying about whatever I have no control over, I will put my energy into what I can control (me).

This is what being a follower of Jesus Christ means for me, today.


God’s system that blesses


being community

Why do we do what we do?  Jesus really wants us to examine why we do what we do, and do not do.

Because Salvation is Freedom; our freedom it is demonstrated by the choices we make and do not make.

Remember, for Catholics, Freedom is the ability and desire to love; therefore it is always directed outwards towards others.CHWC2So this Gospel passage for this 23rd Sunday is Jesus asking us to discern, to examine carefully the very roots of our lives;  to discern the core of our values, our attitudes and ultimately consider whether we value life or death. To discern whether we are acting with love, or not.forgiveness

imagesFirst, to really discern, we need to understand Jesus’ revelation:  God is life and God is all about life.   Death has no part of God.  There is no violence in God.

God’s great will is that we live with God, as God….without death, without violence.  Therefore our choices, our own values come down to life or death.  Our choices are to reflect God who is for us.

Adam and Eve demonstrated the wrong choice, and thus death and chaos came into our Adam-nEveworld, and we humans have made violence and death a part of our lives ever since.

When we choose to be selfish, when we choose to be passive aggressive, when we choose to be greedy, whenever we think only about ourselves to the detriment of others  we choose death.  We are not free.  We are not following Christ’s path for freedom.

Whenever we choose the violence of lies, gossip, discrimination and racism, the violence of pornography, we choose to death, to be less than who we can be.   And I suspect we are not happy persons, there is little joy in our lives


imagesAnd Whenever we choose to share, to forgive, to communicate, to be compassionate, to look at another and see goodness and potential for goodness; we are as Christ, we choose life.

When we take the risk to open ourselves to someone, to let them see ourselves, to be vulnerable…that is life!

When we see ourselves as part of a larger community, connected to all, that is a value of life.imgres-1

When we value these qualities..we are valuing life.

With these values, we experience Joy.  The joy of being free.  The joy of being in love.  The joy of being alive.

We remember this in each and every Eucharist.

We remember what killed Jesus: selfishness, greed, lust for power, fear, the desire for revenge, the inability to imagine something new.  And any time we live this way, value these…we participate in that death.


But we are not people of the crucifixion, we are People of the Resurrection.

11133786_824382597637310_519420377583052394_nWe remember more importantly that Jesus was raised from the dead.  God revealed to us the qualities of life; compassion, mercy, faith, love, trust, living for and with others.

We remember the JOY, the serenity of the risen Christ, the impact he had on those first witness.  incredulity-of-saint-thomas-1602

Therefore what we consume in the Eucharist is LIFE itself.  We consume God’s very LOVE so that we can use this love, this grace, to have the courage to look at ourselves, to be honest with ourselves and discern.


Why do we do what we do?

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